With I have a forum for promoting my compositions and transcriptions.
I am a professional cellist, thus expressing the art of music by performing it. However, the need to create is always present and has always been. So far, most of my music is written for the cello with the ambition to include it in my recitals. Some of it is dedicated to friends or fellow musicians, past and present, who are important to me.

Transcribing is another story. It has to do with wanting to enter the world of a specific piece, a beautiful piece, which is not part of the cello repertoire - and then, a few days of work later, it is! The piano, the violin, and in some cases the orchestral repertoire is so rich and stunning that I long to feel that music physically, to execute it with my own hands. Just imagine, to make a movement from a Rameau opera, a Skryabin etude, a Schumann song  -and suddenly, a few hours later, it is a cello piece, too!

With my series ‘if Bach was a cellist’, I live the fantasy that everything he wrote was intended for the cello. It also serves as a way for me to get close to him through works other than the six solo suites and the three gamba sonatas. Here it is again, the physical aspect, the wish, to get inside a score.